Sic 'em, girl.
what's your perfect friday night look like?

I see a nice, piping hot cup of tea with lemon, a good book, re-runs of Macgyver, and finally not having to play babysitter. Oh, yeah. That’s the good stuff. 

top 3 other superheroes, go.

Hold on. That depends —


Do you consider realism philosophers superheroes? ‘Cause I think they fit in my book. 

Do you ever wish you had power, like the rest of the runaways?


Y’know, as much as it’d come in handy… I think having powers comes with its pros and cons. From what I’ve seen, it looks like it could be a little complicated. As for me not having them, I’m alright with it.

Besides, they don’t have a telepathic dinosaur

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Runaways v1 #9

Mae Whitman at the People’s Choice Awards 2013
dirty harry
Gorillaz - demon days

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